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How We Work

At IMAGEWEAVER®, we approach each project as a creative, collaborative, team effort, while taking a structured, systematic approach to design and development.

By applying our creative and technical expertise to your stated goals, the result is a tailored solution that fits your particular need. Plus, we do it quickly and efficiently.

While within each project, the mix of deliverables can vary, projects are generally organized into three major phases: Define, Design and Build.

I. Define
The definition phase is essential for creating an effective project plan. This is a collaborative process that involves meeting with those in your organization responsible for the success of the project. We review your goals and objectives for the project in light of current web technology and techniques. We explore creative interactive digital media options, identify technical requirements, and look at how we can incorporate analytics and reporting features. The resulting project plan will include a project scope definition, content overview with flowchart, sample user interface, first draft visual design comps, and proposed project timeline.

II. Design
During the design phase we focus on four key elements: information architecture, usability design, visual design, and application technology. Information architecture and usability design: We examine your content and message goals and put that into the context of a rich-media interactive experience. As the user navigation is designed and developed, it can be tested online on our project review server. Visual design: After the information architecture has been determined, we begin to finalize the look and feel. At this stage we provide revised design comps for all unique content areas. Again, these examples are available online for discussion and approval. Application technology: During this phase, we determine the final technical requirements for your project, including custom software, database support, SEO analytics, reporting, Web hosting requirements and maintenance services. The resulting design plan will be used as the ‘blue print’ for the Build phase.

III. Build
During this phase we provide complete graphic production, including navigation graphics, images, and visual elements identified in the Design Plan. We also provide the web page layout, coding, multimedia development and custom application programming. With our project review server you have access 24 hours a day to view to the progress of your web site, make comments, communicate changes or additions and provide final approvals. Near the end of this phase you have a fully functional Beta Site ready for testing prior to launch. After the Beta testing has been completed, your site is ready to go live. We will post the final version to your web server. Then, we will continue monitoring the site for any problems and provide any optional maintenance or reporting services.

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